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Version: 2.0.0


Attesters define the data system for their application on top of the UniRep protocol. There are FIELD_COUNT data fields. It composes of two kinds of operations: addition field and replacement field.

Addition field

The elements in addition field are combined with addition and modulo by SNARK_SCALAR_FIELD. E.g. data[0] = (old_data[0] + new_data[0]) % SNARK_SCALAR_FIELD. There are SUM_FIELD_COUNT addition fields.

Replacement field

The elements in replacement field are combined by replacement. Each replacement field contains 2 parts:

205 bits48 bits

The maximum value that can be stored in a replacement field is 2**205-1. The index value is used by the protocol to order the attestations. Because the index is stored as the higher order bits data field attestation can be sorted without bit operations.

There are FIELD_COUNT - SUM_FIELD_COUNT replacement fields.