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Version: 2.0.0-beta-4

UniRep contract helpers


Connect to a Unirep contract with a given Unirep address.

const getUnirepContract = (
address: string,
signerOrProvider: ethers.Signer | ethers.providers.Provider
): Unirep

For example,

import { getUnirepContract } from '@unirep/contracts'

const unirep = getUnirepContract(
address, // the address of UniRep contract
signerOrProvider, // the signer of the provider


Generate signature for attester if the attester signs up through attesterSignUpViaRelayer.

const genSignature = async (
unirepAddress: string,
attester: ethers.Signer | ethers.Wallet,
epochLength: number

For example,

import { genSignature } from '@unirep/contracts'

// generate the signature
const signature = genSignature(
address, // the address of UniRep contract
signer, // the signer of the attester
epochLength, // the epoch length of the attester

// sign up with UniRep contract
const tx = await unirep.attesterSignUpViaRelayer(