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Version: 2.0.0-beta-4

Error codes

This section contains a list of all possible errors that might occur while using

import { Unirep } from '@unirep/contracts/Unirep.sol';

When developing with hardhat environment, these custom errors can be seen in the _selector:

Error: cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit
{"type":18,"address":{"type":"Buffer","data":[183,248,188,99,187,202,209,129,85,32,19,8,200,243,84,11,7,248,79,94]},"message":{"value":{"type":"Buffer","data":[103,103,221,161,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,165,28,31,194,240,209,161,184,73,78,209,254,49,45,124,58,120,237,145,192]},"_selector":"6767dda1"},"isInvalidOpcodeError":false}],"data":"0x6767dda1000000000000000000000000a51c1fc2f0d1a1b8494ed1fe312d7c3a78ed91c0"}, code=UNPREDICTABLE_GAS_LIMIT, version=providers/5.7.2)


  • UserAlreadySignedUp(uint256 identityCommitment)
    The given identity commitment has already signed up in the current Unirep contract.
    A user cannot double sign-up in an application.


  • AttesterAlreadySignUp(uint160 attester)
    The attester has already signed up in the current Unirep contract.
    An attester cannot double sign-up in the Unirep protocol.


  • AttesterNotSignUp(uint160 attester)
    The attester has not signed up in the current Unirep contract.
    Please call attesterSignUp()


  • AttesterInvalid()
    The given attester address is not a valid uint160 type data.
    Please check if the attester address is correctly assigned while generating proofs.


  • CallerInvalid()
    The caller address is not the same as the attester address in a verifier helper contract.
    Please verify the caller address.


  • NullifierAlreadyUsed(uint256 nullilier)
    The nullifier is already used in Unirep contract.
    A nullifier cannot be submitted twice in the Unirep protocol.


  • AttesterIdNotMatch(uint160 attesterId)
    The msg.sender does not match the claimed attester ID.
    Please send the transaction through the attester.


  • OutOfRange()
    A replacement field data cannot be out of SNARK_SCALAR_FIELD.
    Please use a value which is less than SNARK_SCALAR_FIELD.


  • InvalidField()
    An attestation was made to a field that was either out of range, or not capable of receiving attestations.


  • InvalidSignature()
    The signature does not match the attester ID.
    Please make sure the signature is signed through the correct attester.


  • InvalidEpochKey()
    If The epoch key is greater than SNARK_SCALAR_FIELD is recognized invalid.


  • EpochNotMatch()
    Current epoch does not match the epoch in the proof or the target epoch.
    Please check the current epoch and generate a corresponding proof.


  • InvalidEpoch(uint256 epoch)
    The epoch in the proof is greater than the current epoch.
    Please check the current epoch and generate a corresponding proof.


  • InvalidProof()
    The proof is verified invalid through on-chain verifiers.
    Please verify it with the off-chain prover.
    If it is valid off-chain but invalid through on-chain verifiers, please check the if the proving keys match the ones on-chain.


  • InvalidHistoryTreeRoot(uint256 historyTreeRoot)
    The epoch tree root of given epoch does not match the current Unirep contract.
    Please check if all attestations are processed correctly and successfully.