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Version: 1.0.1

8. Reputation proof

Generate a reputation proof

See 4. Epoch key proof to know how to generate a current user state.

Specify what will be included in the reputation proof:

  1. Prove the minimum posRep-negRep that an attester gives: minRep
  2. Prove the reputation nullifiers: spendAmount
  3. Prove the graffiti pre-image: graffitiPreImage

User should also specify the attesterId and epochKeyNonce to generate an output epoch key.

const attesterID = await contract.attesters(attester.address)
const epkNonce = 0
const rep = await userState.getRepByAttester(attesterID.toBigInt())
const minRep = Number(rep.posRep) - Number(rep.negRep)
const proveGraffiti = 0 // 0 then it will not prove the pre-image
const spendAmount = 0 // 0 if user choose not to generate reputation nullifiers

const proof = await userState.genProveReputationProof(

Spend reputation

Call the spendReputation in UniRep smart contract

const tx = await contract.spendReputation(
value: attestingFee,

Verify the proof

with UniRep smart contract:

const isValid = await contract.verifyReputation(

with a prover:

const isValid = await proof.verify()

Verify UniRep state

Check global state tree root exits.

const isGSTRootExisted = await unirepState.GSTRootExists(
proof.globalStateTree as string,
proof.epoch as number
console.log(isGSTRootExisted) // false then the proof will be invalid

Verify reputation nullifiers.

const repNullifiers = => i.toString())
for (const nullifier of repNullifiers) {
if (await unirepState.nullifierExist(nullifier)) {
console.log(false) // then the proof will be invalid