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A protocol built to handle anonymous user data.
UniRep is a Zero-Knowledge Protocol for user data & reputation management. We use pioneering technology to offer a space for developers and users alike to explore the potential of privacy-centered online interactions.
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Extensible & Interoperable
Designed for scalability: smart contracts, ZK circuits, and flexible data structures enable seamless app integration.
Anonymity & User Sovereignty
Dynamic pseudonyms and secure data storage ensure anonymity, while zero-knowledge proofs allow users to verify past identifiers.
Customization & Data Security
Trustless interoperability fosters innovation and upholds user autonomy— data is only revealed or altered with the user's consent.
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How it works
Users read the state of the UniRep system from the UniRep contract. Once users know this state they can make ZK proofs of some data and submit to an attester. Attesters validate proofs before submiting attestations to the UniRep contract.
Attestations change user data, and users read changes from the UniRep contract to construct their most up-to-date state.
Our tools
To enable developers to harness the full potential of UniRep, we've crafted a range of powerful tools designed to simplify and streamline the development process.
CLI tool
The create-unirep-app package provides a convenient and efficient way to build applications that leverage the power of UniRep.
UniRep Explorer is a utility for discovering apps built on the protocol & inspecting the attestation and user data changes for all.
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