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Version: 2.0.0-alpha-3

Users and Attesters

Actors in Unirep

Users 👤

receive reputation from attesters and are able to prove received reputation.

  • Users sign up by calling userSignUp on the Unirep contract with a signup proof.
  • A user's identityCommitment is revealed at this time and recorded in the contract to prevent double signup.
  • A user can later prove their identity to the protocol by re-creating the identity commitment with the secret values known only to the user.

Attesters 👑

can be thought of as applications. Attesters define their own reputation systems and are able to give attestations to users, which are combined to become the users' reputation.

  • Attesters sign up by calling attesterSignUp on the Unirep contract.
  • Attesters are given an attesterId that is their contract address.
  • Attester information and attestation history are public; everyone can see each attestation and which attester submitted it to the Unirep contract.