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Version: 2.0.0-alpha-2


Attestations happen onchain. Each attestation gose to an epoch key and should update the leaf in the epoch tree. Only the root of the epoch tree is stored onchain so a ZK proof must be submitted in order to update this root. Attesters are responsible for either updating this root, or incentivizing others to do so.

UniRep uses a system to batch updates of the epoch tree. This system allows the tree to be updated on a per-epoch key basis. e.g. if epoch key X receives 100 attestations, only a single proof must be made.

UniRep offers an AggregateEpochKeys proof that allows a user to update multiple leaves in the epoch tree using a single proof, with a constant number of public signals.


When an attestation is made it is stored in an onchain mapping. When it is time to update the epoch tree root the buildHashchain function can be used to make a hashchain of epoch keys that need to be updated. This hashchain is output by the ZK proof and compared when it is processed.